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Bilal Hameed, our Founder & CEO, is a true Innovator-in-Chief. With over 22 years of knowledge and experience, he's an ed-entrepreneur who has taught and influenced over 15,000 students across 30+ countries, while simultaneously establishing diverse educational institutions.
Bilal has been a pioneer in setting up two very prominent & successful private A Level schools in Karachi, Pakistan. His current mission is to make O & A Level education accessible to all.
Asad Hashamali, Co-founder of Alt Academy, has been Bilal's steadfast partner since 2017. He's often described as the Robin to Bilal's Batman, as he brings the vision to life.
Asad excels in bridging the worlds of new media, community building, and academics with the day-to-day operation of our institution. His journey in the private education space began in 2014, where he focused on marketing communications and operations. Asad is also a master of content creation and social media, using these tools to build authentic student communities.
Together, Bilal and Asad are visionary leaders dedicated to reshaping education for a brighter future through Alt Academy.

The Alt Story

Times are evolving, and the demand for innovation is real. Drawing upon the decades of experience we’ve had working closely with students and their parents, we swiftly recognised the urgent need for change.
This change encompassed not only how students learn, but also how they are taught. The obstacles they encountered called for a solution that could challenge the conventional educational methods that have long been in place.
This realisation led to the creation of Alt Academy, a one-of-a-kind, user-centric platform.
Alt offers learners a true alternative to pursue their academic goals. Our aim was not merely to provide an online resource for exam preparation, but to establish an ecosystem that supports learner success and streamlines their academic journey throughout the year.
Learners gain access to high-quality, effective, and time-efficient resources, all available on their demand. We offer structure but, perhaps more importantly, flexibility for the learner — a feature we believe is often undervalued within traditional education systems.
We’re committed to delivering a unique learning experience through our platform and content, all the while keeping the needs and challenges of our learners at the forefront.
At Alt, your success in all its forms is our top priority.

Our Values

Our Team

Team Alt stands as a testament to the immense potential of collective effort. Within our ranks, we boast a cadre of dedicated professionals, each contributing their expertise towards our shared vision.

Our Instructors

Our team of subject matter experts have decades of experience catering to learners and their academic needs with their carefully curated high-quality instructional content.

Our Journey

Started as a mission to make quality education not only accessible but also affordable for learners globally, since then, Alt has significantly evolved from its humble beginning.

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Broadening our Horizons

We not only earned an accreditation from Pearson Edexcel, but also expanded our curriculum to include three additional A Level subjects, reaching over a three thousand active subscribers across 70+ countries.


Introducing Subscription Access

The Alt Academy Plus plan was released, providing students access to high quality learning content, not just for their final CAIE exams, but also for their school-prep. The Plus plan to this date provides students access to all the material for one small subscription.


Taking Bold Steps

Alt Academy was launched as a universally accessible platform, featuring six A Level subjects complemented by a wealth of supplementary resources. The idea was to provide an entire A Level academic experience on one platform.


Chem with Bilal

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bilal & the team set out to run a little experiment. That experiment was called Chem with Bilal. Our first step towards testing a subscription based model, only with Chemistry.


Light-bulb Moment

Bilal’s Youtube channel slowly started gaining traction, which led us to explore the world of Ed-tech. In August 2019 Alt Academy came into being in the form of a free platform with three unique A Level subjects.

Our Global Approach

Making quality education accessible to learners all around the world.

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