Terms of Service

Please read the terms and conditions carefully in the event of clicking the “accept”  button the user is deemed to have assented to all  the conditions that have been subscribed by the service provider or by their agents or assessors and aides the term wherever shall include but not limit to the aforementioned and the expression in no terms may be treated to deem an exhaustive list wherein the service provider is free to enter more clauses into the already mentioned clauses by virtue of an insertion of an addendum  to the existing terms and conditions.  

  1. That the acceptance of the terms and conditions is the user’s willful intention to commit to all of the conditions set forth by the provider and at no point can the user be deemed to not having assented to a particular term and once the user adheres to the terms it is therefore deemed fit that the user has in fact assented to each and every term.
  2. That the material available on the portal is the sole property of the provider and the provider has the sole discretion in deciphering which material to levy a charge for and which are the materials that will be provided without an additional charge.
  3. That by signing up on the portal the user understands that its data would be shared by the provider with its partners which will include but not limit to its partners and other platforms where ever it is deemed necessary by the user in similar areas such as the portal which has been signed up for.
  4. That counterfeiting and sharing of the material outside the Alt platform is strictly prohibited.
  5. That each Account is intended for individual use by the registered student only. Sharing login credentials or access with any other person is strictly prohibited. This includes family members, friends, or other students.
  6. That any attempt to share account information, including username, password, study materials, or progress data, will be considered a violation of these Terms and Conditions and may result in immediate account termination and potential legal action.
  7. That Alt Academy reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Account found to be in violation of this policy. Any fees paid for the current subscription period will be non-refundable.
  8. That if account sharing is detected, access to platform may be denied. In severe cases, we may pursue legal action against individuals found to be engaging in repeated violations of this policy.
  9. That the user has deemed to have understood that by signing up they are treated as a student of the particular portal and specifically of the material that they are accessing at the given point in time and in no way can they act as an assessor.
  10. That the provider does not have any agency /agency /principal relationship with the user.
  11. That the service provider is no way responsible for the performance of the user/student in the exams that the user wishes to take or is studying for as this is a platform which provides mere guidance and is not an assessment body where the performance of the user can be assessed or is benchmarked against any accredited boards or universities. 
  12. That the provider is within geographical limits of Pakistan and hence the territorial limits of Pakistan shall form the jurisdiction of courts of competent jurisdiction in Pakistan.
  13.  That the user having signed is deemed to have accepted the portal as an ancillary body to formal education and in form is the provider asserting the portal as substitute to the formal channels of education and hence not a body to provide measure on the user’s progress. 
  14.  That the user having attended sessions on the portals is no measure of the academic performance of the user and the provider is in no way or form responsible for the performance of the user in any competitive examination.
  15.   That in the event that a user is under the legal consenting age which is eighteen years in Pakistan it is deemed that the access has been provided through the supervision of a parent/guardian and the terms have not only been understood by the user but in this case have been understood by the supervisor of the user.
  16.  That the user has no right to challenge the method of teaching of a particular instructor and how an instructor conducts the sessions is the sole discretion of the instructor.
  17.  That the subscription fee charged by the provider is subject to legitimate refund policy which has a time lapse of 7 days. Refunds are not applicable on subscription renewals.
  18.  That the refund is only available to user who has not been suspended due to a violation of any of the terms and conditions or any disciplinary action has not been taken against them by the provider. 
  19.  That in the event that there is any breach in the terms and conditions or any other disciplinary breach that may take place on part of the user the provider has the sole discretion to suspend/terminate the user from the portal with immediate effect without any prior notice/warning in the event of a serious breach.
  20. That the constitution of a serious breach is the sole discretion of the provider and the user has no right to question the provider’s criterion.
  21.  That all terms envisaged above are in countenance with the laws governing the fair usage policy and aim to protect the rights and privileges of all involved. 
  22.  That in the event that the user’s stipulated period is ending and the user wishes to access the material of the provider the user must pay the continuing stipulation or join one of the crash courses in order to obtain continual access.
  23.   That in the event that a user indulges in the practice of sharing any banned content or content not fit for the purpose the provider has a zero-tolerance policy and the violators shall be suspended from the forum immediately.
  24.  That in the event of any spamming by the user the provider would by way of a unilateral action terminate the account of the user without allowing the user to re-enter under any circumstance.
  25.  That all terms envisaged above are in countenance with the laws governing the fair usage policy and aim to protect the rights and privileges of all involved. 
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