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Quality videos. Great notes. Made by instructional designers with decades of experience.

Video Lessons

Hundreds of hours of high quality video content, capped at 15 minutes, designed by highly experienced instructional designers.

Subject Notes

Need words to read rather than listen? Our subject notes capture key concepts at length, covering the course material - chapter by chapter.


Don’t just know a concept, master it with skill checks and worksheets.

Skill check questions

Why just watch a video lesson when you can really assess your progress in real time? Each video ends with a skill check to help you master key concepts across the syllabus.

Chapter worksheets

With questions spanning multiple resources, use the worksheets to take your mastery to the next level.


Got a question? Need advice? Wondering what the rest of Alt is up to? Join the conversation.

Tutor led support

Feeling stuck with one of the past papers? Or even a particular chapter? Ask for help from any of our subject gurus and stay on top of your study prep!

Live community

Sometimes it’s so much easier to talk to a peer and not a grown-up. Join the community and engage with learners from around the world all day.


TL;DR or actually too long, didn’t watch? Revise on the go with revision guides and flashcards.

Revision guides

Our revision guides to do exactly that. Help you REVISE. Whether you need to remember something from our videos or your class, don’t Google it. Alt it from our revision guides.


Cover key concepts and lesson outcomes in a breeze. Whether it’s a group study session, or last minute mock prep - flip through with ease, wherever you are. 


Exam coming up? We’ve got A Level past paper prep ready for you with even better solutions.

Past paper live sesions

Practicing past papers can be scary, so why not join in with the experts and build up the confidence? Ask questions in real time, and pick up strategies you wouldn't normally find.

Past paper solutions

Marking schemes are great but not as in-depth as we’d like them to be. Our past paper solutions offer elaborate explanations of all questions from the past five years of examinations.

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“You make the syllabus seem so simple and enjoyable”

I truly am grateful for all the hard work you put into your videos and how useful they’ve turned out to be. You make the syllabus seem so simple and enjoyable. Love from Sri Lanka!

Alt Academy, Sri Lanka
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Testimonials - Techpool X Webflow Template

“The help I’ve received is unparalleled.”

The help I’ve received is unparalleled. I studied for my A Levels at home due to personal financial reasons and ended up getting an A* in chemistry.

Alt Academy, Pakistan
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“The value of what you do”

Alt Academy helped me when I needed it the most. They literally could answer all my difficulties. I hope more students in Cape Town and world over understand the value of what you do.

Humaira Gabru
Alt Academy, South Africa
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“I love you guys”

I love you guys, you all saved my A Levels and have made school SO EASY for me!

Zakariya Dar
Alt Academy, Pakistan
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Hear what our amazing learners say about us

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